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How To Double Your Bitcoins ?

Too easy!. You just have to deposit a quantity of Bitcoins and in 24 hours you will receive double this amount to your bitcoin address!.
Remember that for each referral we return (instantly) 50% of what they invest!

  • Add Bitcoin Address

    You just have to place your bitcoin address (which you receive from any bitcoin wallet) and click in invest. Without registration, without ads, fast and simple.

  • Start a Deposit Now

    Click on invest now! and without waste of time make a deposit and you should only wait 24 hours to see your earnings.

  • Automatic Withdrawal

    Double your deposit is made in 24 hours and 50% of the investment of your referral instantly.

  • Invite a Referral

    You will get a referral link with which you will generate 50% of the investments of your referrals.


Our only service is to double your bitcoins in 24 hours!.

Why Trust Us?

Due to our unique system of instant payments you can see your money without delay. We have a unique VPN that takes care of this.

Instant 50% Referral Commission

Earn 50% of your referral's investment instantly!. Invite with your referral link, which we obtain when you register.

Only 24 Hours

You will receive double the bitcoins that you invested in just 24 hours and without any kind of delay.

In Addition?

At the moment we only accept bitcoins!.


Here you will find the most common questions about our website.

On this website you do not need to register, just enter your Bitcoin wallet, enter the amount of money and invest, you will have your bitcoins in the bitcoin address you entered in 24 hours.
The Bitcoin wallet is where your bitcoins are stored, and the bitcoins address is the address that the wallet will give you so you can receive bitcoins from other people. There are several bitcoin purses like Xapo, Blockchain.info, Coinbase among others.
We have a global anti-DDOS protection together with a private WAF, in addition to a high quality SSL certificate.
You must send an email to [email protected] indicating your Referral link or your bitcoin address and the txid of the transaction.
No, only you must pay the transaction commission in the deposit of bitcoins.
After having made the deposit, have clicked on the button that is indicated and updated the web, instantly appear in your deposits. Otherwise, please send an email to: [email protected] indicating your bitcoin address and the transaction's txid.
Yes, you can do all that you want. And there is no maximum deposit.
No, you will receive your payment if you spend 24 hours of your deposit. Or if your referral deposits you will receive the 50% commission without the need for you to invest!.

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Any questions, send an email to: [email protected]
(Response Time : 5 hours)

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